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So after a short break from Adopt-A-Trail, the PMSA is ready to get back to it and clean the Discovery Trail. We have changed up the schedule a bit, however, to hopefully be accommodating to more students. We will still be going every other week, but we will alternate going Friday and Sunday.

We all take from the community in one way or another and Adopt-A-Trail is an awesome and fun way in which we can give back!
We are going to make this a bimonthly (that means twice a month folks) event.
What this event actually involves is YOU and US working together as a group to pick up the litter on the Discovery Trail while walking through the most gorgeous trail and talking with/getting to know your classmates. I know that you are sold already, and even though this event is sweet enough as it is, we are going to be providing coffee and timbits!!

So in summary:
-great people
-great trail
-volunteer hours to make your med-school application look sexy
-satisfaction of giving back to the community

We will go rain or shine and garbage bags, gloves, and litter grabbers will be provided.

*The only thing that you need to do to participate is give us your name, address, email, and phone number for insurance purposes

Please email pmsa@ufv.ca to confirm your participation or for more ways to become involved in the Pre-med Students Association.


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