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Vaisakhi (also known as Baisakhi or Vasakhi) is an ancient harvest festival in the Punjab region, in India, which also marks beginning of a new solar year, and new harvest season.
To mark the celebrations, devotees, irrespective of Sikh religion, attend the gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship. The celebrations start early as devotees, with flowers and offerings in their hands, proceed towards the gurdwara before dawn. Processions through towns are also common. It is celebrated on April 14 each year.
$2 entry fee. All money raised will go to the Abbotsford Food Bank.


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Brought to you by the UFV Chinese Culture Club. If this breakfast is as good as the pancakes they brought to the potluck then you don’t want to miss out!!

In order to refresh our mind and have more energy to work and study, we would like to invite people to come to U-House and taste a traditional Chinese breakfast. We will serve Chinese egg pancakes and Chinese porridge. Breakfast will be served for two Wednesdays (April 6 and 13) from 10am to 11am. Please spread the word – come one come all!

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Tonight, Thursday March 31 from 4-6pm, our Japanese Culture Club is hosting the most amazing community dinner event this Abbotsford U-House has ever seen!

Food from local Japanese restaurants is being donated. There will be Japanese art, music and fashion involved.

All proceeds are going to Canadian Red Cross Japanese disaster relief. UFV Student Life’r Martin Kelly says we could easily raise $1000 on campus today if every student – whether they are attending the dinner event or not – was to bring one simple loonie into U-House.

Reach out to your fellow students. Help make a difference in our campus community and rebuild the beautiful country of Japan.

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Here’s what Vinu, UFV Student Union Society representative-at-large, had to say about the new club:

We set up UFV American Sign Language club in Abbotsford campus to encourage normal students to learn in a fun and joyous way. It is free of charge. I would love to teach ASL to all. ASL is the art of your hand dancing in sign beautifully. Class every Friday 4 p.m to 5.30 p.m is at A Building 225. While ASL was at one time assumed to be an ‘inferior’ or ‘limited’ language used by people in the deaf community, it is now realized that ASL is more advanced in many ways and has many benefits over spoken communications.

Contact vinu@ufvsus.ca for more information.

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So after a short break from Adopt-A-Trail, the PMSA is ready to get back to it and clean the Discovery Trail. We have changed up the schedule a bit, however, to hopefully be accommodating to more students. We will still be going every other week, but we will alternate going Friday and Sunday.

We all take from the community in one way or another and Adopt-A-Trail is an awesome and fun way in which we can give back!
We are going to make this a bimonthly (that means twice a month folks) event.
What this event actually involves is YOU and US working together as a group to pick up the litter on the Discovery Trail while walking through the most gorgeous trail and talking with/getting to know your classmates. I know that you are sold already, and even though this event is sweet enough as it is, we are going to be providing coffee and timbits!!

So in summary:
-great people
-great trail
-volunteer hours to make your med-school application look sexy
-satisfaction of giving back to the community

We will go rain or shine and garbage bags, gloves, and litter grabbers will be provided.

*The only thing that you need to do to participate is give us your name, address, email, and phone number for insurance purposes

Please email pmsa@ufv.ca to confirm your participation or for more ways to become involved in the Pre-med Students Association.

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SAPNA is celebrating it’s third Holi event, with a GRAND SPONGE WAR FINALE!
The South Asian Peer Network Association (SAPNA) is back again with an event to celebrate the message of love and peace – Holi.
Today Holi is an excuse for Indians to shed inhibitions and caste differences for a day of spring fever and fun. People from all ages spend the day flirting and misbehaving in the streets, adults extend the hand of peace, and everyone chases everyone else around, throwing brightly colored powder (gulal) over each other.

The event will be held on Friday, March 25 @ 3:00pm- 6:00pm Rain or Shine! Meet us at the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies (University House, Building F) at 3pm to learn about the history of Holi and how it is celebrated around the world.

Only a $5 dollar entry fee; with your ticket you can have samosas, Indian chai, henna, learn some Bhangra steps, purchase a white tee shirt and win a door prize!!

Come and Live a Little!
For more information please contact:

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Kazakh Student Club welcomes UFV students for Kazakhstan Nauryz spring celebration on Tuesday March 22 from 5pm to 8pm at
Join Nauryz spring celebration, enjoy food, meet new friends, and find out more about Kazakhstan Culture.
Games, prizes and cultural activities will bring you real spirit of Nauryz spring celebration.
For any details contact UFV Kazakh Student Club at ufv.kazakhclub@gmail.com

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